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Library Board and Official Policies

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Library Board Meetings and Minutes
Current Board Members
Board Member Recruiting
Strategic Plan & Annual Reports
Official Board Policies

The Georgina Public Library operates under municipal law as provided for in the Ontario provincial legislation Public Libraries Act R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER P.44. The library board meets under this authority, drafts and approves policies and oversees the fiscal responsibilities of the library budget.

The board is comprised of one representative from Council and 8 members of the public who have been appointed by Council for the same term as municipal politicians.  It is the responsibility of the Board to oversee the operation of the three library branches located in Keswick, Sutton and Pefferlaw.

Library Board terms of reference and current minutes are posted. View the minutes of previous meetings (pending).
Past Board minutes are kept on file, in hard copy, in the Town Clerk’s Department.
For more information, please contact the Director/CEO of Library Services at or the Committee Secretary at  

Library Board Meetings

Library Board meetings are usually held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm, and rotate among our three branches.
Board meetings are open to the public. If you plan to attend, please contact the Committee Secretary at to confirm meeting time and location, as details below are subject to change.


2016 Meeting Schedule (subject to change)

January Thursday, January 21 Keswick Library
February Thursday, February 18 Keswick Library
March Thursday, March 17 Keswick Library
April Thursday, April 21 Keswick Library
May Thursday, May 19 Keswick Library
June Thursday, June 16 Pefferlaw Library
July Thursday, July 21 Keswick Library
August Thursday, August 18 Keswick Library
September Thursday, September 15 Sutton Library
October Thursday, October 20 Keswick Library
November Thursday, November 17 Keswick Library
December Thursday, December 15 Keswick Library

Note: Meetings are held at 7pm as per the location schedule outlined above.

Minutes of previous meetings may be found here on the Town of Georgina's website.

Georgina Public Libraries Board
Paul Nicholls (Chair) e-mail
Suzette Leeming
(Vice Chair)
Bobbi Sabatini
Mary Catherine Macaluso
Liz Roach
Naomi Davison (Council rep)
Sam Kennedy
Lori Anderson
Jordan Donald

To learn more about the library board, visit our Meet the Board page.

Library Administration
Director of Library Services/CEO: Mary Baxter

Library Board Member Recruiting

Homeowners in Georgina over the age of 18 and not employed by the municipality are eligible to become a library board member. Please view our Recruiting Document to learn more.

Strategic Plan and Annual Reports

Strategic Plan 2011-2016

Strategic Plan 2006-2011

2014 Year in Review
2013 Year in Review
2012 Year in Review

2011 Year in Review
2009 Year in Review

2014 Audited Financial Statement
2013 Audited Financial Statement
2012 Audited Financial Statement
2011 Audited Financial Statement
2010 Audited Financial Statement
2009 Audited Financial Statement

2010 Report of Public Libraries by the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries


Official Library Board Policies

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